Ecoair Hybrid Dehumidifier


Home is where the heart is. You can’t have a healthy heart if the air you breathe in is not pure. And with the pollution, it is quite difficult to have healthy and pure air around us. That’s why you need to have a good air purifier at home. So that you can breathe into fresh and pure air while you are at home. Ecoair Hybrid Dehumidifier/air purifier 20 L is one of the best air purifiers you can find in the market.

This dehumidifier also works as an air purifier. So you can call this machine as an all in one combo. It has a five-stage air cleansing system. So it not only reduce the moisture level of the house but also keeps the house smelling and feeling fresh with pure and cleansed air. The product has a fully electronic control system. And the operating system is very easy to use. The best thing is it has a water- full indication and a humidity sensor for auto shut down the system. This feature makes it very easy and safe to use. It can extract maximum 20 liters water per day which is more than enough for a big house.

One of the great features of this air purifier is it works quietly. You won’t get any humming sound around the product. It has three function mode. They are dry mode, laundry mode, and air purification mode. It also has a smart auto defrost system.

The air purifier is so high in quality that the price doesn’t seem too high for this. This amazing air purifier comes in £258.63 with two years warranty.

Ecoair Hybrid Dehumidifier/air purifier 20 L gives you a fresher and cleaner environment to live in. It may seem little high on price but think of it as an investment for better health.


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